A: All you need to do is click the SIGN UP tab and fill in all your relevant information. Then your account needs to get approved by a Scores Live Cash representative.

A: No. Signing up to Scores Live Cash is totally free.

A: You get paid a commission check every two weeks, based on the number of customers that you referred and made a purchase. Please visit our PROGRAMS section to see the different payouts an dprograms we currently offer.

A: Yes. When an affiliate uses your link to signup to advertise Scores Live.com, we will pay you 10% of referral commission. Please Note: if you're currently part of our affiliate program, a broker account is automatically created for you.

A: It's easy. When you create an account on Scores Live Cash, all stats will be available to you by logging in to your account. You will see what each traffic source is producing, in regard to the amount of hits, and sales for each campaign. If you forget to include your ID in a referral URL, there is no way to accurately credit your account, and you will not be paid for that portion of your traffic.

A: Yes. We encourage affiliates to promote the same provided link on as many pages and/or sites as possible. The more banners you put up the more money you will make!

A: To view webmasters terms of service please click here. To receive your first check, we must have a signed Terms of Service Agreement from you, to issue your first check. You can fax the signed TOS agreement to 646-219-9065 or scan and email it to: team@scoreslivecash.com.

A: $50.00 dollars is our minimum payment.

A: You can not promote ScoresLive.com on any illegal or any underage websites. You must also never use spam to promote Scores Live. If you are found to do this, your account will be immediately terminated.

A: No. You only need to create one account. You can create several different tracking links that will all register to your main account. This is available in your Scores Live Cash account.

A: When you sign up as affiliate on Scores Live Cash, you are given a unique identification, and your account can create tracking codes/links that monitors your accounts performance. So each banner you use will have your specific tracking link that will track your accounts success.

A: To receive your password or affiliate ID number, you'll need to email us at team@scoreslivecash.com and provide: as much personal information as you can, affiliate ID number (if available), company name, the site you are affiliated with, and your contact information.

A: We pay every 1st of the month and the 16th of every month.

A: You can choose check, payoneer, and paypal.

A: After you create an affiliate account, you can click the BANNERS tab, and choose as many banners as you like to promote ScoresLive.com. We have many different sizes and styles to choose from.

A: Spam is considered to be any attempt to deliver unsolicited bulk mail over the Internet. Almost all spam is commercial advertising. Potential target lists are created by scanning Usenet postings, stealing Internet mailing lists, or searching the Web for addresses. Such information is gathered with automated searches to retrieve email addresses for spamming.

A: You can contact a Scores Live Cash representative by email at team@scoreslivecash.com. Someone will get in contact with you right away.

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  • $50 dollar signup bonus* to all new webmasters
  • Top webmaster monthly give away prizes
  • Easy white label
  • Full hosted creative library with videos and Html and Flash banners
  • Pay-Per-Signup, Pay-Per-Lead and Lifetime Revenue share
  • Webmaster and Model referral program
  • Full selection of $10 dollar Scores Live gift cards for easy signups
  • Full text ads with imbedded tracking codes
  • Live interactive chat widgets
  • Bi-weekly payouts by check or Payoneer
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